Aquada Fortress( main fort in Goa)

the Aguada Fort was built in 16th centuary and comprises of lower fort with bastions all around and an upper  shirts and sea shore and ascends the summitof the bare rocky upland called “Aquada Point”. the upper fort was buith as the  vantage  point to serve as a fort and a watering station to the ships whereas the lower fort offered a safe berth to portuguese ships. the upper fort comprises of a moat, anunderground water storage chamber,lighthouse,gun powder  rooms and bastions. the word Aquada means watering place in portuguese. the underground water storage tank has a capacity to store 23,76,00 gallons of has five divisions and is supported by sixteen huge colums besides the staircase to accesses the bottom.

the light house used to emit the light once every seven minutes. however in 1834, it was updated to emit light every thirty seconds. it has been in disuse since 1976, when the new light house was commissioned.

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