How to reach Goa

Goa is very famous for its beaches,forts,churches and for water falls.

How to reach goa

How  to go to goa should never be a problem to the tourists, as it is very  simple to reach in goa due to lots of transport facilities such as transport by airline, buses, trains. there is only one airport in goa which is known as Dabolim airport its at vasco-da-gama, just 43 kms away from the calangute beach.

there are different  flights flying down on the goa airport., flights such as Kingfisher,go-air,jet-lite, spice jet,Indian airline, these flights function from delhi to goa or from Mumbai to goa.

How to reach calangute beach from Goa airport

Once you reach at Goa airport it is very simple to locate Gabriel guest house Calangute beach.

There are two ways a guest can reach  at gabriel guest house calangute beach

1) By pre-paid Taxi :- Pre-paid taxi to calangute beach is available at the air-port taxi counter for a reasonable rate.

By Bus :- Bus is a most economical way of transport to reach at gabriel guest house calangute beach, an individual should come out of the airport on the road to take a local bus from air-port road to vasco-da-gama main bus terminal, from vasco-da-gama main bus terminal you will get a shuttle bus to (direct bus) to panjim and then take a bus from panjim to calangute, get down at tarcar ice-factory bus stop.


There are 4 railway stations in Goa

1) Margao 2) Karmali 3) Thivim 4) Vasco-da-gama

1) Margao Railway station :- Margao Railway station is the largest Railway station in Goa. it is 53 kms away from calangute beach/gabriel guest house. there are shops,Restaurants,Reservation counters,Rest rooms for females and males, pre-paid taxi counters etc.

How to reach at calangute beach from Margao Railway station

From Margao a guest can reach calangute with the local buses or with a  pre-paid taxi.

the bus routes from margao to calangute beach are as follows

Margao Railway station – Margao main bus terminal

Margao bus terminal – Panjim bus terminal

Panjim Bus terminalCalangute (Tarcar ice-factory bus stand)

Pre-paid Taxi:- Pre-paid taxi is easily available from margao railway station to calangute beach, pre-paid taxi fare will be between Rs.800/-900/-


Vasco-da-gama Railway station is just 43 kms away from the calangute beach or Gabriel guest house.

How to reach CalanguteBeach  from Vasco railway station

A guest can reach to calangute with the Bus or with the Taxi.

Bus routes from vasco railway station to calangute Bus stop are as follows:

Vasco-da-gama Railway station Vasco-da-gama Bus terminal

Vasco-da-gama Bus terminal(direct bus)- Panjim

Panjim Bus terminal– Calangute tarcar Ice-factory  stop.

Taxi charges from vasco railway station to calangute beach

Prepaid Taxi charges from vasco-da-gama railway station to Rs. 700/- – 800/-

Thivim Railway station

Thivim Railway station is one of the closest Railway station

to calangute beach. just 23 kms away from the calangute beach or Gabriel guest house.

How to reach from thivim Railway station to calangute Beach/calangute beach.

By Bus (2 stops)

Thivim Railway station Mapusa Bus terminal

Mapusa Bus TerminalCalangute Beach (near Tarcar ice-factory)

By Pre-paid taxi from Thivim Railway station to calangute beach

Pre-paid Taxi charges are between Rs. 350/-Rs.450/-

Auto Rickshaw charges are between 200/- to 300/-

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